WATCH: Thank you to Mary and Ken Smith

I was honoured to highlight the life-changing work of my constituents, Mary and Ken Smith, in the Legislature on Friday, October 15. Click below to watch or scroll down to read my message here:

Mary and Ken have dedicated their last 16 years to ensuring our most vulnerable constituents are loved, protected, and cared for. This amazing couple retired in June of this year after fostering an incredible 58 children and adopting two of them into their family.

Ken and Mary don’t just foster: They integrate these kids into their home environment. They see these children not just as fosters but truly a part of their extended family. When these kids’ lives are turned upside down – sometimes in the middle of the night – Mary and Ken provide a safe space, a hug if needed, and maybe a plate of cookies.

Fostering children is critical in Nova Scotia. There are approximately 1,000 children in care at any given time. Currently, hundreds of children in Nova Scotia are in need of foster care to provide them with emotional support, shelter, understanding, and hope.

I ask all the members of this House to join me in thanking Ken and Mary for being truly remarkable citizens, offering a stable home with patience, understanding and love to children in our community, and to encourage anyone who can to follow their example.