CFIB launched a #SmallBusinessEveryDay campaign that encourages Canadians to support the independent businesses that make their communities unique by keeping their loonies local.

Small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities, and they play a crucial role in making our lives better. They’re the ones who craft our morning coffee just the way we like it, provide our children with their first job opportunities, sponsor our local sports teams, and back our fundraising efforts, among countless other things. Whenever we need them, they’re always there, offering their services and products with a personal touch.

Now, it’s our time to give back and support them in return. Choosing to support small businesses can have a significant impact on our local economy and community. These businesses are the driving force behind local literacy programs, sponsors of community gardens, donors to essential food security initiatives, and supporters of extracurricular activities for our youth. When small businesses thrive, they reinvest their success directly into the communities they call home.

By embracing and backing small businesses, we contribute to the growth and vitality of our local area, ensuring that the heartbeat of our communities remains strong and vibrant.