close up of a road with big hole

Reporting potholes in HRM

With the freeze-and-thaw cycle at this time of year, we see a lot of potholes, which can end up costing us a lot of money when they cause damage to our vehicles.

The first thing to do when we see a new pothole is report it. If the department doesn’t know the pothole exists, it can’t repair it. The road crews will have a deadline for repairing the pothole; if it isn’t reported, then that deadline doesn’t exist. And if that pothole isn’t repaired within a specific time after being reported, the government may have to reimburse people for damage.

To report a pothole or sinkhole on a municipally-owned street or sidewalk call 311 or use the form here. To report potholes on provincially managed roads and 100 series highways please call 511.