Property Tax Rebate for Seniors

The Property Tax Rebate for Seniors will give eligible people a rebate on municipal property taxes they paid during the previous tax year, up to $800. The two changes this year will mean seniors who moved out of their home in 2018 will now qualify for the rebate, as long as they paid last year’s municipal taxes, and those who get the rebate can choose to be automatically considered for the 2019-20 Heating Assistance Rebate Program in the fall. The heating assistance program offer rebates of up to $200 to those who are eligible.

About 15,500 seniors benefit from the Property Tax Rebate Program each year. Seniors qualify if they get the Guaranteed Income Supplement or the Allowance from Service Canada in 2019, and their 2018 residential property tax bills are in their name and paid in full. The program is open until Dec. 31.

More information and applications are available at… . They can also be picked up at Access Nova Scotia, Department of Community Services and my office as well as through senior groups, or by calling 902-424-5200 or, toll-free 1-800-670-4357. If you require assistance filling out the forms or sending them in please contact my office at 902-329-8683 and we would be pleased to assist you.

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