Back to school safety

As school doors open and traffic gets a little heavier on our streets, it is a good time to review a few safety tips that can help things run smoothly and keep students safe when returning to school.

Nova Scotians Receive Platinum Jubilee Medal

More than 60 Nova Scotians Receive Platinum Jubilee Medal. The medal recipients represent Nova Scotians who have contributed to diverse fields and organizations, particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Extra Care Taxi – Senior’s Transit

This new taxi service is available to those needing assistance like an arm or escort to and from door to cab, help carrying groceries and packages, or wheelchair transport.

Job fair for newcomers

The free one-stop job fair will connect newcomers to the jobs, communities and settlement services they need to build a life in Nova Scotia.

Halifax Meals on Wheels services

Halifax Meals on Wheels delivers fresh chilled meals and warm hearts to those in Halifax who are unable to prepare a nutritious meal for themselves.

Province funds innovative programs for housing

The government is providing funding for 12 innovative projects to support seniors in their homes and communities. The Disability Support Program is working on community-based housing and support options.

Tick safety basics

Tick-borne illnesses are preventable by taking some simple precautions. They are very small, which makes them hard to spot and their bites don’t hurt, which makes it difficult to know when you’ve been bitten.

MLA Radon Detector Loan Program

I have partnered with the Lung Association of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island to offer the MLA Radon Detector Loan Program through our office. This partnership is providing community access to a short-term digital radon detector for 6-weeks.

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Earlier this month was Disaster Preparedness Week. I want to make sure that all residents of Fairview Clayton Park are prepared, just in case. It’s always good to have an emergency preparedness kit ready.