Red portable generator

Community Generator Program

The Community Generator Program helps community centres buy and install generators so centres can provide a gathering place for community when needed. Applications are open until February 14.

Emergency home heating assistance

If your household is experiencing an emergency home heating situation, you may be eligible for a one-time payment up to a max of $400.

Business ACCESS-Ability grants

There are five categories of funding available for businesses that can apply for a cost-shared grant to make accessibility-related improvements.

Pre-budget consultation

The Department of Finance and Treasury Board has launched the pre-budget consultation ahead of the 2023-24 provincial budget. Share your thoughts now.


Newsletter Links

As we prepare for the holiday season, I wanted to share these updates on the work I have been doing for Fairview-Clayton Park.

Two residential modern heat pumps buried in snow

HomeWarming program

HomeWarming helps eligible Nova Scotians save money on heating bills, feel more comfortable year-round, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Infrastructure grant programs

A variety of funding programs, grants, and awards are available for individuals and organizations in Nova Scotia.

Air Cadet accepting new members

Join Air Cadets

If you are interested in Aviation, the Canadian Armed Forces, volunteering, and meeting new friends, Air Cadets is the place for you.

Heating Assistance Rebate Program

Heating Assistance Rebate Program

The Heating Assistance Rebate Program helps low-income Nova Scotians with the cost of home heating. Rebates range from $100 to $200. You can apply until March 31, 2023.