This Session in the House of Assembly

This fall, we had a whirlwind legislative session that saw some important bills pass. I was happy to see the passing of bills that will help residents of Fairview-Clayton Park, including:
– Implementing a 2% annual rental increase cap to the end of 2023
– Protecting Nova Scotia’s natural environment and limiting emissions
– Providing compensation to tenants who are renovicted
– Protecting health care workers from anti-vax protestors

I was proud to introduce a bill – Bill 78 – that would implement a preventative mental health curriculum for school aged children in this Province. As we move through the pandemic I believe that we must work to protect our kids’ mental health, and I hope the Government will work with me to implement these important changes.

I also continued to advocate to the Department of Education to commit to building a new school in our riding. Our schools are aging and overcrowded. As more housing is built in our area, it’s essential that our schools keep up. I will keep pressing the Minister and the Department on this important file.

You can find more information about the bills I have introduced this session here.

Other areas our Liberal party fought for:

– Dismantling racism and hate in our province
– Increased affordable housing and the implementation of all recommendations of the affordable housing commission report
– Greater greenhouse gas reductions that would keep Nova Scotia as a global leader in the fight against climate change
– Ensuring the government honours our $10/day childcare agreement

Although it was good to be back in the legislature advocating for the causes I believe in, I’m glad to be back spending my days in our community of Fairview-Clayton Park.