Fall 2023 Newsletter

Members Statements

I am inviting you to submit a Member’s Statement, highlighting the exceptional people you believe deserve recognition.


Mobile Primary Care Clinics:
The mobile primary care clinic is a temporary service to ensure we are bridging a gap in primary care services currently being experienced around the province. These clinics can only address non-urgent, low acuity health issues and is not an emergency service. Care is provided using a team approach, which includes nurse practitioners and family physicians. Patients will be seen in a clinic environment.

Community Pharmacy Primary Care Clinic Program: These pharmacist-led clinics will provide an extended suite of pharmacy primary care services at no charge to people with a valid Nova Scotia Health Card. These services include assessment and prescribing for Strep Throat, Pink Eye, UTIs, Chronic Disease Management (Diabetes, Asthma, COPD), prescription renewals for all medications and more.

VirtualCareNS: VirtualCareNS provides Nova Scotians on the Need a Family Practice Registry with free, online visits with a primary care provider (doctor or nurse practitioner) until they are placed with a permanent family practice.

Updated Seniors Care Grant for 2023

Back to school:

Ecole Burton Ettinger Elementary:

Parents are required to park on Central or Sunnybrae Avenue when dropping off and/or picking up students. It is important to note that there is a NO STOPPING zone on Alex Street between Central and Sunnybrae Avenue as this is the bus lane.

There is additional parking on surrounding streets and further down Alex. Remember to park facing the correct way of traffic flow, do not block driveways, and to not cut across traffic.

Fairview Heights Elementary School:

Parents and guardians are not permitted to drive or park in parking lots at both the main site (210 Coronation Ave) and the annex site (141 Rufus Ave). Young children in grades pre-primary to grade five walk through these spaces and we need to protect their safety.

Families are encouraged to walk as much as possible, and if you need to park nearby, park on any of the surrounding streets away from school buildings and parking lots. Parents and guardians are not permitted on Rufus and Gesner in areas marked clearly with “Bus Lane” and “No Parking or Stopping” signs. This allows our regular and special needs buses to pick up and drop off students safely.