Congratulations to These Mainland North Volunteers

On Thursday, May 24 evening we celebrated 15 years of recognizing deserving volunteers who give generously to help others.

The event spotlighted 8 members of the Mainland North community for their outstanding contributions to the community!

It was a wonderful night and we were inspired by the volunteer efforts of these very special volunteers. Music for the evening was provided by Cameron Cashin and Stevens and during the event, we were treated to Indian classical dance by Darshini Shah Vi Beat Dance Studio.

I was honoured to participate as a guest speaker and we also had with us, Minister Lena Diab, Councillor Russell Walker and MLA Rafah DiCostanzo!

Congratulations to the 2018 award recipients: Aseel Mohammed Ali (Al Rasoul Islamic Society) Laura Dauphinee (Halifax West High School) Andrea Davidson (Parkinson Canada, Spencer House) Daphne Daisy During (African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes) Mitch Harvey (Halifax Christian Church) Shirley McIntyre (Halifax North

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