A Note from Patricia, October 2021

Before anything else, I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the residents of Fairview Clayton Park for continuing to instill their faith in me as their elected representative. It remains my honour to serve you all as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for this community.

We live in a democracy, and in this election more than ever, I was reminded that ballots were cast for other individuals and political parties. I’m here to tell you that I am committed to representing you all, regardless of how you vote.

Representing a riding as diverse as we are isn’t always easy, trust me, if I had a magic wand and was able to satisfy each and every one of you I would. What I will say, regardless of anything you may have heard or felt over the past eight years, is that I will always fight for each of you, be there to listen, to support, and to help in any way I can. That doesn’t always mean I can fix it. No politician can fix everything, in spite of what may get promised when people are on the doorsteps. The guarantee I can make to you is that I will always do my best. Thankfully for us, that means you also get Allison in my office’s best as well. She loves this community and each of you as much as I do, and I’ll always be thankful for that.

I am writing just a few short days before the legislature goes back into session for the fall sitting. This will be a new experience for me, being a member of the Liberal Caucus and now sitting in Opposition, but I look forward to carrying your voice to the floor of the legislature. Now more than ever it is my role to ensure that this new government continues to serve our communities with the best interest of each and every resident in mind.

Please reach out if there is any policy, or piece of legislation you would like to see introduced. I’d be happy to chat with any of you to hear your thoughts, and hope that as more of us get vaccinated and our province opens up, I can go back to having my community pop ups and other opportunities for us to meet in person.

We have a lot to be excited about here in Fairview Clayton Park. There has been a lot of progress made and there remains a lot of work to be done. I will work with the government to ensure that safe affordable housing, employment and community support remain a priority here. I will continue to advocate and to work with our business owners, our seniors, our families, our young students and professionals, our newcomer population and any one who needs it.

I want to hear from you. If you have any suggestions for future issues of our e-newsletter please hit reply and share your thoughts. I look forward to using this tool to support, grow and improve our communities.

Again with heartfelt thanks, your MLA,

Patricia Arab