Province to Cover More Costs for Out of Province Travel Accommodations

Nova Scotians who are traveling out of province for medical care can now received increased financial support under the travel and accommodation assistance policy.

The treatment must be approved, noting the following criteria:
• The patient’s specialist must seek approval from MSI.
• It must be a medically insured treatment. 
• It must be a service that is not available in Nova Scotia.

This does not include cosmetic procedures, procedures still under research, or drug therapy.

A maximum of $1000 CDN in travel assistance round trip.
A maximum of $125 CDN is provided per night, up to $1,500 CDN per month for short term accommodations of under a month.
Should a longer stay be required beyond one month, assistance of up to $2,500 CDN per month is available.

If necessary, transportation costs for an escort to travel with the patient will also be covered up to $1,000 CDN.

Find more information and the forms you need to fill out here:

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